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Gw2 pvp reddit

It's highly subjective. There's no official list like that. Sometimes there are threads where people list their own rankings and you can see what the most popular highly ranked professions are, but it's all personal opinion. There's not much more you can do than ask what people think about it, but like I said, it's not official and it changes all the time based on the balance patches, meta, and whatnot.

gw2 pvp reddit

Gaile Gray. Azure The Heartless. Rev is bad.

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You can do well with some revenant builds, but it takes significant amounts of work to get to that point and the end result can be easily countered by merely switching damage types. Not to mention that Mallyx, the only semblance of a condi clear trait that isnt stark ventari which, mind you, is also clunky and geared for support rather than fightingputs more conditions on you and then gives you resistance, which can be ripped or corrupted.

And its grandmaster trait gives -you- torment. To be honest, rev isn't that great atm. BUT that has more to to with the current meta being extremely unfriendly towards it, rather than it being underpowered. Scourge, thief and mesmer are currently very strong and their kits flat out counter rev. In all fairness tho, play whatever you feel like playing. You can even find people that play "non top-tier"-classes like rev on the leaderboards altho, granted, these people tend to have a ridiculous amount of experience and game knowledge.

Note: I did not list all elites, the elites not listed are because I do not feel that I have not encountered enough of them to draw a opinion. Sanity is for the weak minded YouTube. Rev is not new it's been around for 2 years. It is that bad in higher level PvP well this entire season feels like hot join anywaydon't waste your time on it for the foreseeable future if you haven't learned it, the other classes give a much better return on your time invested.

May be your friends were talking about this? Mesmer isn't "S-tier". As in it is basically game breakingly strong. There is no point playing gw2 until it is fixed.

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Extremely accurate? Putting soulbeast and deadeye into the same tier as spellbreaker, holo, and druid?! Deadeye aboe daredevil? Core guard below DH? I noticed all of those things as well. Also Scrapper is too low. Below average accuracy tier list. I don't play every build for every spec, and I sure don't play them all at a high level. I took a crack at rating based largely on my interactions with those classes and what I've spectated, so there's bound to be inaccuracies. I'm not putting core mesmer in F tier just because its elite specs are miles better in relation to any other core-elite class pairing though, lmao.

It works vs several builds still, so I left it in C.Dark or Light Theme toggle. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Guild Wars 2 on reddit is often described as prolonged trial, just with no level cap: "Giving people something to do for free is fair. Expecting it to make them equal to people who support the game is a bit silly.

Guild Wars 2 isn't a charity. The reason a free to play game is offered is to encourage people to upgrade to become paying customers. If you're not one of those people, it's unlikely things will be done to make your stay more comfortable. What you are gimped tho is that: 1. You cant play most of the strongest classes, since they involve "Elite" skills available only to paying customers 2. You dont have any log-in rewards, like "Laurels" 3.

I wish reddit cared about pvp as much as they do about mount skins

You can not play Raids, nor use Gliding skill 5. You can not use map Chat at all. You can not send most mail types as well. Also you can not respond to wispers ,most of the time. You might be somewhat limited by Character slots and Bank slots, but that is normal to be purchased via Cash Shop. You are bordered from all content related to gems, with gems being the currency of unlocking most basic of things. You have close to no ways of earning ,nor spending gold ,in any notable way at least.

That is from what i noticed, im not entirely sure that is all. And only by Buying the game with all its perks as many say, makes it one of the best games on the market!

gw2 pvp reddit

January edited January So it is f2p with limitations. If anything it would be changed to f2pl, or f2pwl. Leon1e Member Uncommon Posts: Hey guys. I wrote a PvP guide for my mainly WvW guild to help them get better, but if it can benefit anyone here that's cool too.

If you're plat 2 or above you probably won't get all that much out of it but you never know. I'm open to the fact that some of the information might not be perfectly accurate as I'm not the best player in the world, but I'll gladly have a discussion.

My in-depth sPvP guide! Crab Fear. Great guide man! Although for new player could be a bit much to digest, but overall you touch every subject. What I saw very often in gold-plat 1, and sometimes i did it myself is overextending to far after winning mid fight,going people far after winning mid might and leave mid or home empty, a lot of people tend to be greedy when winning mid fight. Yeah it's bit of a wall of text.

I tried to follow a logical progression from complete beginner and finish with the advanced. Hopefully I was able to do that I'm not too good at writing in English. Great work! I really greatly appreciate your efforts to put things down in some structured format! As a relatively new player, I have waited something like this, a description of the general and also not so general tactics in PvP, about the roles and objectives and such.

gw2 pvp reddit

This guide will open an entirely new sights to PvP for me. Once more, thanks a lot! PvP side is for new players like you have been thrown to the deep end of the pool, or in to a dark room to find a flashlight, and you struggle hard to put pieces together. This guide will help me a lot in that. A Quick note : try to avoid confusions about bunker and support. And most bunkers now are not support at all.PvP Rank is a measurement of a player's account wide experience in structured PvP.

Rank is increased by accumulating rank points. When entering the structured PvP game type, the player's experience bar turns into a PvP rank bar. Here the player can see the current rank and progress towards next rank. To view total accumulated rank points, the player can open the Achievements panel, look under Competitive, and view progress towards the PVP Conqueror achievement. Rank points are earned at the end of a match and are based on whether your team won or lost and the duration the player was part of the match.

Additionally, volunteering for auto-balance grants you the win bonus and provides you with an additional 25 rank points. Each top-stat you earn gives you another 5. Whenever an account reaches a new PvP Rank, the player receives a rank-up chest based on the rank earned. For every 10 ranks earned a new finisher is unlocked for the account. With the release of Heart of Thornseach 10 ranks also unlocks a new jungle themed PvP Reward Track which must then be completed to gain a Mordrem variation of the respective rank finisher.

These Mordrem rank finishers have an overall green hue and contain thorns around the banner. All of them use the same base model except the Mordrem Dragon Finisher which has a Heart of Thorns legendary Wyvern instead.

This article is about PvP experience. Structured PvP. Heart of the Mists. Category : Structured PvP. Small Rank-Up Chest. Medium Rank-Up Chest. Large Rank-Up Chest.New player here, wondering which classes are considered the meta for pvp?

This will likely change some with next expansion. Really, the classes more affect how you do something rather than your performance. It's not like you can't do raid, the hardest PvE content with only non-meta classes. And PvP comes down to rotations, although some classes are indeed hard to counter. I personally prefer slightly faster classes though, but they are all fun. Good luck, I suggest you focus on theme and what ratio of tanky vs speed you want.

Thief and mes are generally the fastest with ranger and warrior close behind. Followed by Rev and Engineer.

But classes with teleports can move in ways some classes cant. You can try all the classes in the heart of the mists lobby, you just have to play the intro mission for each character you make. After having played since shortly after launch my personal favorite profession is the engineer, with the holosmith specialization. Having said that I've only recently been branching out more into other professions for those achievements and I'd say my second favorite is the mesmer with the mirage specialization.

I know it's a bit cliche, but I'd suggest going out into the open world trying new combinations until you find something you like, or using builds on meta battle that you can change as you like. Alternatively Loboling is completely right about the current meta and you can copy those builds if you don't want to spend too much time trying to come up with one on your own.

Since you're a new player, I recommend you start with either warrior, ranger or necromancer. These professions are the most beginner friendly and will help you learn the game at your own pace.

Don't play PvP until you learn how to play your profession, but to answer your question, those three professions are considered meta in both PvE and PvP. This should help. These sites can help with your build.Redditor moriz0 shared their estimates of the currently-playing GW2 community in this reddit post. See also the discussion on Reddit; people have raised a variety of interesting points, some of which I have tried to highlight in the next post in this thread.

On September ofi made this post with an estimate of GW2's population. Check out the link to see my methodology.

Now plenty has happened in the intervening time, so I thought it is time for an update. Using the exact methods as in my original post, here are the estimated numbers:. So, I estimate that GW2's current "active" population to be around 3.

Keep in mind that it is difficult to nail down an exact number for "active" accounts, since GW2 does not have a subscription service. However, it is reasonable to assume that the minimum activity level of these accounts is "logs in at least a few times a month". Added: Since it keeps coming up, I'll mention it here: think of this estimate as measuring "people who are actively interested in the game enough to logon once a month" rather than "active" in the sense of playing the game to the point we'd see them at a meta or in a fractal etc.

It's a very specific sort of measurement that has a lot of limitations. It's useful mostly as a relative number to compare to various points in the game's history.

Is Guild Wars 2 really free to play? I am not quite sure why people call trial games free to play..

Hype is the path to the dark side. Hype leads to unfulfilled expectations. Disappointment leads to anger. Anger leads to disgust. Disgust leads to "oh, new shinies! I'm back! Illconceived Was Na. What is an Active Player? The original poster uses the term "active player", which is controversial, because we all have different ideas of what it means to be "active. What is the 80 20 5 Rule Used to Estimate Population?

GW2 Best Builds for PvP (Every Class)

The short version: humans are terrible about estimating because we are too influenced by what's in our field-of-view; the 80 20 5 rule was developed by the gaming industry based on using actual metrics, not anyone's guesses. The use of the 80 20 5 rule is going to be counter-intuitive for a lot of people. Please read the link before deciding how you feel about it.

How Meaningful is This Estimate? Regardless of whether you agree with ANet's use of the term "active player," the specific number isn't all that important. Instead, it's useful to know the following:. I'd say you're not far off, at all.

Allowing for secondary accounts and quits, mil would be my guess as well. We'll likely never see a confirmation of this though.

Just to be clear, the estimates are from Redditor moriz0 ; I just pasted them here. Weird, by looking on lfr during busy hours feels like a ghost town. Someone can elaborate on this?

Interesting post but 3,3 million is very very hard to believe.

GW2 - Necro (Reaper) Gameplay PvP - Shorts

GW2 is popular, but 3,3 million? Roughly half of WoW's subscriber count? Hard to imagine tbh. Actually it sounds about right, considering that how they define "active player.

If GW2 had subscribers which are players that play on semi weekly basis the number will probably drop to about K, as you noted.I dropped from ranked to in three days because of Freaking overpowered scrappers. I'm sick of this. They need to be nerfed. And no, my build did NOT change, in case you were wondering.

ANet, fix this. My YouTube Channel.

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Do you play holo? Also, what exactly do you think makes them strong? And you play holo which is one of the most abused easiest monkey spam builds that carry players who don't deserve to platinum and you talk? There will be always overtuned specs so just accept it and move on, whining on the server won't accomplish anything, there already so many threads about scrapper being op, just stop playing if you don't like the meta.

There will be always overtuned specs so just accept it and move on, whining on the server won't accomplish anything.

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After how much time? Are mirage and boonbeast out of meta thanks to the complains?

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Not sure Holo needed a damage and sustain shaft especially on autos and all PF skills, they halved the stab on PF 3. Yeah complain works Does that mean that the dozen ele mains left should complain more to see if we can get eles out of the pits of hellnerfs?

Because I can do that, i must do that. Holo needed it's healing and sustained nerfed more than it's damage. I'm fine with it having top tier power damage.


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